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Acupuncture, how it works:
The tradition of Five Element Acupuncture is based on the laws of nature and focuses on treating the root cause of a person’s distress rather than treating the symptoms exclusively. By treating the root cause along with treating the symptoms, a longer lasting result of health and wellness can be obtained.

Many parallels can be made between nature and our bodies. Ancient Chinese philosophy teaches that our vital life force energy, or chi, flows through our body like a river. In nature, when sweepers or dams block the path of a river, regions upstream may flood while regions downstream may be dry and lack nourishing water. In our physical bodies, this blockage or energetic disruption is experienced as a distress signal or symptom such as pain or disease.

A person’s pulse is used as a tool to understand the flow of energy in the body. Sterile, fine gauge needles are then used in acupuncture treatments to influence this life force energy. By correcting the natural flow of energy, the body is now more capable to use it's own resources to heal itself.

The cycle of the seasons is another law of nature that addresses the root cause and influences overall health. The five elements are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

Treating the root cause is also similar to truing a bicycle wheel or balancing the tires of an automobile. When the wheels are well balanced it provides a smooth ride and optimum efficiency. When imbalanced, wear leads to over use of one part that affects the whole bicycle or car, usually causing other problems elsewhere. The same is thought to happen with our health. When the body is properly in balance along with good nutrition and exercise, the body, mind and spirit perform optimally.

Acupuncture was originally practiced as a preventative medicine. If used in this way it is very helpful in sustaining health. In today’s world where we often turn to medicine after the distress of imbalance or symptoms appear Five Element Acupuncture can help restore health to many situations.