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What to expect at an acupuncture treatment::
The first visit lasts for about two hours. Its purpose is to understand current symptoms and patterns of a person's entire life and health history. The current state of health is often a continuation of earlier conditions related to the root cause and trerated according to the principles of Five Element Acupuncture . A unique and specific course of treatment is planned taking into account a patient's personal goals, lifestyle and constitutional factors..

Subsequent treatments are then scheduled on a routine basis. A commitment to a series of 8 treatments is highly recommended, because each treatment has a cumulative effect on creating new energetic patterns. As the overall condition improves and a progressive energy balance is maintained in between treatments, treatments will be spaced progressively farther apart.

Taking care of our body is like tending a garden. The right amount of sunshine, water and maintenance need to be provided for the garden to flourish. Providing the right amount of nutrition, exercise, and medical care helps our bodies reach optimal potential. In that way, the client is the gardener and the body the garden.

The partnership between an acupuncturist and client is also like that between the gardener and garden. As the acupuncturist, I am nature’s assistant -  the gardener. Acupuncture treatments help correct and maintain the natural state of wellness our bodies need to both heal itself and reach its best potential.